pica pica is the life long dream of Marta G Sanroma, head chef and owner of pica pica catering since 2004.

pica pica catering was born out of my desire to share the Spanish and Catalan food I grew up with back in Barcelona, cooked by my grandmother and mother with me by their sides at all times with my nose stuck on the stove not to miss anything.

Learning to cook from the older generations in my family instilled in me an appreciation for good local produce, sourced and bought as fresh as possible, to try and replicate the times when we used to go into the shed to choose the chook or the rabbit we were going to eat that day for our lunch.

Added to those experiences, having now been in Australia for some 13 years, it has broadened my culinary interest and produce knowledge, specially in regards to those products that would not be available to me in Spain but that are widely used in Sydney.

In way of summary, it can be said that my experiences in Spain and Australia influence everything I do and the way I approach the kitchen. It has led to the philosophy behind my cooking to call for honest food, peasant food, comforting food…

Events are customised to each client’s exact needs. In collaboration, we can create the most elegant, refined cocktail menu or a rustic feast of comfort food with a home cooked feel. My team and I work tirelessly so that you can be the relaxed host you need to be, we can be invisible or ever present, exacting in our service and attention to detail.

A sophisticated ten-course meal where the food shines plated as art…
a shared casserole in the middle of a welcoming table…
or delicious morsels of canapés …
The choice is yours.

What a fabulous night! Thank you so much for all your hard work - and wonderful, wonderful food. Everyone has been complimenting me on your fabulous meal and seamless service. You and your team really made it seem effortless - a great job.

Thank you for making it truly a night where I could relax and enjoy my guests and the occasion without having to even think about an oven. Just as you promised! Jenny Burn

Thank you again for your wonderful catering. The food was delicious and your professionalism and that of your staff was outstanding. Thank you again for helping make it such a special day for Mum. She was totally thrilled with her birthday. Jenny Turpin

Thank you for making last night so easy for us, I look forward to working together again sometime in the future. Julie Green